Farm life

Farm life
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Monday, March 30, 2009

thank you for the polish influence mom

Thanks to my mom's side of the family...the polish daughter is already showing polish tendencies. This is what I found when I checked on Magdelicious during her short morning nap. She may nap better if she didn't get herself into these positions!!!

As cute as she may appear, don't let that fool you. She should always wear a button saying:

As cute as I may appear....if you are a mom, you should know better!!!

She will be the one to put us in a run down nursing home with a 20 inch thick book of citations and violations. As I tell her when she is screeching to get whatever she wants that she cannot get to, whether she is able to and too lazy or not, "I am only helping you build character"!!! I have a feeling those words will haunt me later!! Seriously...

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