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Farm life
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birthday disaster....

I have officially stopped celebrating my birthday. I will quietly turn 32 next June 20th and we will not say the b word around this house. I will start from the beginning.
June 20, 2005: I turned 27 this day, did not celebrate due to burying my Dad five days earlier. He died June 10, 2005.
June 20, 2006: Did not celebrate because we were still getting over our Dad being gone one year. Tough milestone to go through.
June 20, 2007: Our dog comes home from having surgery on his belly to retrieve the bouncy ball he eats and can't pass. It was not easy/fun to take care of his wound. My husband attempts to throw a surprise party for me. I mention going out with my cousin and her husband and then I end up inviting everyone that they had already invited. A couple of my friends don't show up and I get in trouble by them for not calling them to tell them where we were. We couldn't stay out long due to Murphy needing wound care.
June 20, 2008: I am on bed rest to prevent Maggie Lu from joining us too soon. It worked, the little booger didn't join us until after her due date. Totally worth skipping my birthday but I do see a pattern.
June 20, 2009: I was tested for Strep/Mono and am being treated for Mono since the rapid test for Strep came back negative. I feel like dog poop. I am extremely tired, my throat sore and my tonsils are so big I talk funny. Then thinking I wanted to spend some time with my sister and her boyfriend, we go to a quiet low key dinner at Medici on Friday night(although on the way there I say "I really don't feel that good, we should just go home!"). We didn't even have our food yet and Maggie decides to start vomiting and continues to do so for the next three hours. Poor thing, a 10 month old should not be allowed to get the flu. It was painful watching her. So I stay in her room on the floor in case she continues to vomit. I woke up incredibly tired, sore and achy. Not a good start to your birthday. Oh and my husband "forgot" it was my bday. I guess with all the illness I can kinda understand...ok, not really. Seriously...

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