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Farm life
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not any easier...

So I am really wanting to write an entry for my wonderful Dad right now. I got the title done and am crying already. It was four years ago today that he left us. I miss him even more now then this day four years ago. husband WILL NOT go to bed. I have to write this when no one is awake. I have been trying to hold in my tears all day to be strong for the girls and not show him I am sad so I am trying to outlast him. It is not working. I think he is worried about me!! He made me a captain and Dr. Pepper when I got home tonight. I drank it in one gulp. He made me another! Now he is waiting for me to get off the computer to go to bed. I am in the office, he is in the living room. I don't think I am going to win this one. I will have to wait until tomorrow. My wonderful husband, you crack me up even when you are not trying to!!! Seriously...
P.S. They finished planting today!!! Something good on a shitty day.

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  1. My heartfelt thoughts go to you. I'm glad planting is done. Stop in for a visit.


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