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Farm life
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm not judging...

I really am not judging these people I am about to talk about. Seriously! It is just that I was standing in line at the grocery store and there was a family of four in front of me. It was storming so bad that it sounded like a freight train was going through the store. I picked that particular line because I wanted to wait the storm out and this family's cart was seriously overflowing, top and bottom. Plus the cashier was taking forever. It seemed like a good idea at the time. As I was watching this woman unload the cart I realized that I was starving. I wanted to go home with this family and stay for a long time with what they were getting. Here is a sample
3-4 different kinds of potato chips
8 packages of chicken
several kinds of cheese
french fries and tator tots
a few boxes of cereal
5 dozen eggs
This is just the top of the mountain they had made of their cart. I could not believe how much food they were buying. The real kicker was the 10 boxes of the stick butter they were buying. The cashier even had the nerve to ask them if they really needed that much butter. She wasn't amused by that question. At all. I was uncomfortable.
This is the part I am not judging them on. They paid all but 7 dollars of their bill with a Link card. Their bill was 380 dollars. Holy cow. They are eating better then us, I will tell you that. I was amazed that there was no limit to what they could buy. We are too rich to be poor but to poor to be rich. Seriously....

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