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Farm life
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Too funny...

Every once in a while Maggie likes to show me how smart she is. I guess I know that she is smart but sometimes I have to say...really! She recently started to shake her head no when we say no ma'am to her. Well I guess she does it whenever she feels like it, too.
She also is constantly keeping me on my toes and likes to remind me that she learns by example. I see her little brain working when she sees me doing something that we tell her no about.
Today I was carrying her, her bottle, her kitty paci and I needed to grab the nail clippers to get the last 4 nails that she wouldn't let me get at the last trimming. I ran out of hand space so I put them in my mouth, just the handle of course. She looked at my mouth and at my eyes and at my mouth and back to my eyes. She then shook her head no. Busted!!!!
She is sooo smart!!! Seriously....

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