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Farm life
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I am always up for a good challenge. Just yesterday I challenged Makayla to a one hour tippy toes competition. If we weren't sitting we were to be on our tippy toes. Whether standing, walking or any other upright activity it was to be done on our tippy toes. I tell you what, it was hard!! Especially walking down the stairs with chunky monkey in your arms. That was scary! I even straightened my hair, which takes a long time, on my tippy toes! I do have to confess that I brushed my teeth sitting down to give myself a break! We both made it a full hour. Well Makayla tried showing me a "new" challenge for today, walking only on your heels and I called her out on breaking the rule. I told you I am competitive.
So today EJ handed me a hundred dollars and told me that we were going to see who could hold onto it the longest. I thought that would be easy, I will use the credit card :) Then he said the credit card was off limits except for fuel. Oh and groceries. I got in my competitive mode and said GAME ON. Then I asked what the prize was, because every challenge needs a prize. He said that we stop spending money on unnecessary things, that was the prize. Well, I say the new game is who can spend the money the fastest and who ever loses has to lend the other person money! That is called, I WIN. Seriously...

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