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Farm life
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Story People

A while back, my mom and I were shopping at a local "snob" shop. I found an amazing artist that does incredible work. His name is Brian Andreas and he has a company/website called Story People. It is a little quirky but so wonderfully "un" normal. I want one of everything of course and my mom has officially started my collection. She got my the one that I first fell in love with for my birthday. It is titled Great Game. The art he uses with the "story" isn't really my cup of tea but goes well with his work. I guess that is why he is doing what he does. This is what my first collection piece says. It by no means is how I live my life, although I do wish on most days it is but I just really liked the feel behind it. My Grandma was the most selfless person I know but I can see her laughing, clapping her hands and saying "isn't it a great game"!

What are the rules? I said & she said, Do exactly what I want whenever I want, make no demands of me whatsoever & love me forever, no questions asked & I said, how do you win? & she said, you don't understand. I'm the only one who wins & then she laughed & clapped her hands. Isn't it a great game? she said.

I hope you go to his website and look around, I am sure you will find something that you like. I get one sent to my email everyday and they make me smile.


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