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Farm life
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fruit is a food...

My wonderful sister left her body wash at our house and well, I am not sending it back to her. It is VS and I thought, she smells good, I will use it. Big mistake. I like to eat fruit, not rub it all over my body and smell like a damn fruit salad all day. Where did someone get the idea to put fruit and vegetables scent in our soap. I want to smell clean, like a fresh load of laundry. I want to smell like...well, soap. I don't want a hot guy to walk by me in the grocery store and be reminded to pick up strawberries. I want him to think of me and warm sheets on a cool winter morning. ;) We are so obsessed with food, why make us think about it even more. I have been saying this for a long time now and still tell everyone...Arrid Extra Dry, Morning Clean. I buy every one whenever I find it. Some stores don't have the morning clean scent so I will literally buy everyone when I do find it so I won't run out. If they could make the scent a perfume I would buy it up too! They need to make it a body wash, lotion, baby wipe, air freshener, etc. Because I like to smell clean, not like I got my fruit from breakfast spilled on me. Seriously...

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  1. Warm sheets on a cool winter morning? Seriously.... And from this day forward every gift you receive from me will be some form of fruity smelly lotion, body wash and/or perfumed product that will make EJ want to toss your fruit salad! Luv u!


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