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Farm life
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Birthday girl...

Seriously, I wish I could feel like this even 50% of the time!! I love her for her excitement of her world around here!!
My sweet, independent, stubborn, beautiful little girl turned one on Tuesday. It has been so much fun playing the "one year ago today at this moment we were.." game. It is interesting to see how differently my husband and I remember things and how differently we experienced the same event. Crazy!! So, Maggie woke up early on her birthday, almost as if she knew the day was all about her. I feel that birthdays should be the one day of the year that it is literally all about me the birthdayee! So of course, Maggie got her way all day long. Although now that I think about was no different than any other day! She was in such a good mood, so happy. It made me fall in love with her even deeper then I realized possible. It stormed crazy in the morning, much like the morning she was born. I feel there is a direct correlation between that and her personality. I am so lucky that I got to spend the first year at home with her. We are partners in crime, joined this summer by Makayla. Back to the birthday, we got her pictures taken professionally. I was given a limit on what I could spend. Well, I took it as a suggestion. They were all SOOO good that I splurged alot a little! This is only the second time I got them taken professionally so it is ok! Long story somewhat made shorter...she opened presents and wanted to play with the toy she opened instead of finding out what was in the other packages. She LOVED her chocolate cupcake. White cupcake, not so much. I find that funny because neither of her parents are chocolate fans. Whose child are you!!! Then she eats everything in sight and realize, yes, you are my daughter!! She was in a great mood all day and didn't sleep worth shit that night. She wanted to keep partying! To my Maggie have been such a wonderful addition to our family!! Thank you so much for being you and reminding us of how to love life!!! Seriously...

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