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Farm life
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Friday, August 21, 2009

DMV me ASAP...

Who knew! Really, who knew. I have had an off couple of weeks days and thought what better way to make it worse then go to the DMV(department of motor vehicles)! I have put this trip off for, oh, 21 days. My sticker expired on July 31 and I just went today to get the new one. Opsies. So I brace myself for the worst. I have a one year old and a four year old, both of which are in craptacular moods. First surprise, it wasn't busy, really. Second surprise, I had everything I needed! Third surprise, EVERYONE, yes, everyone in the building....PLEASANT!! Two of the workers even laughed and joked with me! No shit! Clearly they could tell I am a funny girl. I even ventured to get my address changed(we moved in January...opsies) since it was such a rockin good time there. Yeah, finally, something to make me smile and get this huge chip off my shoulder. Don't worry, the girls had a whining match in the car after we left....welcome back grumpy ass!!! Seriously...

P.S. Happy 100th post to me!!! Thank you to all that have enjoyed, if not just laughed at this little ole blog that keeps me from going ape shit crazy. Clearly I would like more of you to sign in and actually follow me so I don't feel so pathetic looking at the lonely number at the side there! Really, even if you just pop in every once in a while, THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I am trying to get something together for a give away so keep checking back for details!!!

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