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Farm life
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Maggie Update

In three days my baby girl will be one!!! It is so hard to believe that a year ago, she was still inside my stomach being "herself". How would I describe "her". I will tell you...
She is extremely stubborn, strong willed, full of life, independent, and the most amazing little girl ever!!! Makayla was always so easy going, laid back, adaptable, and of course, amazing as well!! Maggie, well, she is "colorful, spirited, and nothing like Makayla"! Here are some of Maggies "milestones":
She is down to one bottle a day...on her own doing.
She doesn't care to eat any more baby food. She will just have whatever we are having, thank you.
She is the ruler of this roost. She is in charge and if you ever question that, well, you will have to deal with her and she WILL set you straight.
She is not a cuddler except when it is time for bed and only because it happens so infrequently that she knows she gets to stay up a little later because of it!
She is very independent.
She has gone poop in the big potty twice now! Only because I saw her turning red and tried it out and she did go on the big potty, much to her dislike! Second was when dad was giving her a bath(hahahahahaha) and he saw bubbles...and didn't move quite fast enough!
She prefers to drink through a straw, and has been for about 4 months now. She can also drink from a cup if someone is holding it without spilling!!
She DOES NOT like to sleep in anything other then her crib. Not with us, not in a pack-in-play at a hotel, nowhere!
She can say momma, dada, baba, hot, bye, hi, uck, mmmmm(which is mooing which is referring to the cows). She waves and blows kisses. And of course the full mouth open kisses are a favorite of mine!!
She is very ticklish.
She is a HUGE flirt. She definitely has any boy she comes in contact with charmed within seconds.
She is a night owl and not a morning person, just like her mom!!
She has no fear.
She loves pushing buttons, figuratively and literally!
She is always thinking and studying things.
She loves outside and knows what that word means, so don't say it if you don't want to take her out.
She loves rocks!
She has a like/dislike relationship with Makayla. She likes to dislike her!!
She is going to be EJ's farm girl, loves getting dirty, digging for rocks, playing in his tool box, riding in tractors and rangers.
She has both mom and dad wrapped around her little finger like no ones business!!

I can't believe my Maggie Lu is turning one!!! It was been an amazing year and I am so lucky to have been able to stay home with her for all the changes and growing up that she ha done. It will be bittersweet come Sept. when I go back to work but I know that she will truly enjoy being around lots of kids her own age. I am sure it will be much tougher on me then her. Seriously...

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  1. Maggie is so cute! That 1st year always seems to fly by. I can't wait to see what fun she will be up to next.


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