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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hotels officially suck...

Hotels...go suck an egg. Because we decided to go away for a long weekend without kids we now have...bed bugs. I always thought that was something someone made up for a cute bed time rhyme. "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. If they do get a shoe and beat them till they're black and blue". I remember being told that and singing that to my parents and sister and brothers. Now, I have a new rhyme for the bed bugs. "Goodnight, sleep tight, or lay in bed wondering if that was a bed bug or was that. Is that one. What about that". I finally went to the couch. This is all after my wonderful, anxiety filled, no sleep night the previous night. Snakes and bed bugs. What a way to spend the last three days.
So bed bugs have become increasingly more rampant due to people staying in hotels and bringing them home with them.
I went to Nashville/Indianapolis and all I got was bed bugs. That should have been on a shirt I brought back.
I cannot believe that we have bed bugs. Our mattress is new as of February this year, we have all new bedding since January of this year. Our house is brand spanking new for petes sake. I blame the hotels. The kicker is we stayed at nice hotels. I could maybe see if we stayed at a run down dive but these are very nice, reputable, downtown hotels.
Did I mention I am pissed.
These little peckers are HARD to get rid of. We just spent the last 4 hours stripping beds(I would have given anything to have been actually stripping on the bed instead!), vacuuming our box springs, mattress, pillows, comforters, etc. We know this doesn't get rid of them but it will knock off any eggs that could be just moments from hatching. Ew. We are getting the house sprayed on Tues(really, that was as soon as you could get here, really, let my allow you to borrow our bedding to use until then, hell why don't we swap houses. I bet you will get here in an hour.) and we are doing everything the internet is suggesting.
Please send bed bug dying and extinction thoughts our way. If you are a member of PETA and don't feel comfortable doing so, please let me sleep in your bed and you can sleep in mine. Seriously...


  1. You MUST contact the establishment from whence you adopted your new friends to make a formal complaint. Speak to a manager. Advise her/him that aside from the general ick factor, you are now incurring additional expense, including your own time cleaning but also from having to hire a professional exterminator. They should offer to pay for that cost or issue you some form of credit like a gift card for *several* free nights in a premium room in one of their facilities. Advise them that you will contact the appropriate authorieties in their location (Health Department, Better Business Bureau, etc.)in an effort to ensure the health of other guests. Be firm but courteous...kill them with kindness first...then if necessary, be a bitch!


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