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Farm life
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Monday, August 31, 2009

How rude and who does that...

These are only two of the wonderful encounters I have had this weekend. Remember, these are the wonderful people we share this world with. Enjoy.

While shopping at a local department store, I needed to use the little girls room. While I was heading in that direction, I was following a woman who clearly thought I was stalking her, but no I was simply going to the same place she was. When she opened the door to the restroom, she assumes since she is through the door, she can "start". Well, I prefer to wait until I am BEHIND the stall door before I start letting them "rip". I thought that she was kind of brazen, doing so with two women clearly within ear shot. Me and the one washing her hands. So she goes into the stall and I go to the only empty one left, the one next to her(there are only 3 stalls). I am relieving my bladder and I hear, well, lets just say she had a tummy ache. Me on the other hand, I have no problem going to the bathroom in public when I have a tummy ache, BUT only in dire emergencies. Clearly, this must be dire. Only I actually try to time my activity to when someone flushes the toilet or turns the sink on. Come on, I am not the only one who has mastered this. Nope, this lady follows no rules but her own. So I am at the sink now, washing my hands and I hear her say "hey, we are still here in town, shopping, are we still meeting up later". I am FLOORED. First, I thought she was talking to me. I almost responded after ''hey", I thought with all that was going on in there, she may have needed help! So I pick my jaw up off the ground and hurry out of there. I can't believe that she is on the phone. While shedobeeing!! I can't get out of there fast enough. Can you imagine the person on the other end of the phone. I will tell you, they most definitely heard her!! People, seriously!!

Today, I am checking out at another department store and the cashier is being VERY flirty friendly with the old guy in front of me. She is doing every dumb girl, tossing her hair, giggling, smacking her gum trick. I am annoyed. It is taking twice as long as it should and I want to get out of here. From the conversation I am hearing it is a student(cashier) and teacher(old guy). I sure as hell hope it is college we are talking about. Really, both of you, really?! So he finally leaves and I feel a little guilty, like I should have given them a few moments of privacy. I move to my spot in front of her and she barely says hi, without looking up. Did you use all your eye contact on old guy teacher? She tells me the total without looking up still. Wait did you just throw the pen at me to sign the charge slip? Oh no you didn't. I am sorry I don't have a penis and I am not gushing all over the place about how purty you are and how smart you are. Get over it. You took this damn job knowing you will work with both genders. If you wanted to only be around penis' then you should have become a stripper. Seriously...


  1. The poor person on the other end of the phone, who is hopefully no longer her friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep shopping and keep the stories coming!

  2. I think I have met your toilet companion - just too gross.. Thanks for the laugh today - I have enjoyed your blog.

  3. Um.... Shop much? And seriously - thanks for the details - this is a family blog... Nice work there cha-chi!

  4. Its always awkward to be the "next door neighbor" when a stranger has a tummy ache. Too intimate for me!


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