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Farm life
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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Seriously, I am freaking out about this damn boa constrictor(maybe a slight exaggeration) I ran over yesterday. The last 24+ hours have been pure torture. We have a TON of windows facing the backyard, where the "incident" happened. Now, I am so sure there are 50 more out there that I am constantly looking for them. We live in IL for pete's sake and the wind is constant. Therefore everything in the yard looks like it is moving. *Heart racing* I can't even eat today. That is huge for me, I never lose my appetite. Maybe if I wasn't trying to eat while staring out the window! *Can't breathe* I couldn't sleep last night. I kept waking up my husband. I had lots of questions.

Me: Can snakes get in through drainage tile
Him: I am sleeping
Me: No you're not, you are talking to me
Him: No, they can't
Me: Are you sure, like for real this time
Him: *sigh* Yes, good night

A little bit later
Me: What about the garage, they can get in the garage can't they
Him: If you would keep the garage door down like I have asked you to, no
Me: What if there is already one in there...oh God *heart racing*
Him: The dog would have let us know
Me: Oh really, how, like he would say "hey mom and dad, there is a snake in the northeast corner of the garage in the pile of lumber"
Him: Yeah, something like that
Me: Whatever, please check the garage
Him: Ok
a few seconds later...
Me: well, aren't you going to go check
Him: really?!?!?

A little bit later
Me: How do we know there isn't a ton more out there.
Him: *silence*
Me: I heard you stop snoring, I know you are awake.
Him: still. sleeping.

It continued all day...I think I called him 16 times. This is serious people. Then tonight, he wants me to look at pictures of snakes online so I can help him identify which kind it was. UM...BIG HELLUVA NO!!!! Seriously...

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  1. Now you have me paranoid, girl!! I hate snakes. I have a huge fear ... I'm talkin' heart racing, tears flowing, paralyzing, can.not.breathe, full on panic attacks!! I am just like you - I think of every possible place they can get into. Did you know that I refuse to run over them in the road because they can get up under my wheel well and into the floor boards of my car? Yeah. I have a sickness.


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